28. February 2024

Czech League Football Association joins WLF

The Czech League Football Association has officially joined the World Leagues Forum as their newest member.

Since 2016 the Czech League Football Association has assumed control over the management of professional competitions in the Czech Republic, first and second divisions. Since 2018, all business and marketing of professional competitions are managed by the Czech League Football Association.


Since then, the LFA has accomplished significant milestones in enhancing the professionalism and competitiveness of football in the Czech Republic. There has been a noticeable improvement in the organization and administration of professional competitions, leading to a more efficient and league system.

The LFA's proactive approach to promoting the league has resulted in increased visibility and popularity of Czech football.

The World Leagues Forum warmly welcomes the Czech LFA into our association and eagerly anticipates collaborating to further advance the development of football in the country.

Tomáš Bárta, Executive Director of the LFA said: "We are pleased to have become a member of such an influential organisation. We perceive this step as further confirmation of growing reputation and strengthening of Czech professional football not only locally but also internationally. We believe that membership in the World Leagues Forum will further bolster the credit of Czech football resulting in the growth of the most popular sport in our country," .

Daniel Hajný LFA Sales and Marketing Director said: "Thanks to successful hosting of the European Leagues Assembly in Prague in 2023, we have kept gaining attention and prestige in the diplomatic field, which is something we would like to build upon within the World Leagues Forum. We wish to be an audible voice in yet another important organisation, and I strongly believe that, by co-operating with one another, we can offer valuable experience and knowledge to others. Particularly in the field of business and marketing where we are currently coming up with a new strategy for the next five years,”.

Jerome Perlemuter, General Secrateary of the World Leagues Forum said: We are thrilled to welcome the League Football Association as our newest member. The LFA's recent accomplishments in organizing and advancing professional football in the Czech Republic are truly remarkable. We are excited to work alongside their leadership to keep fostering the league's progress.

Media contact:
Jerome Perlemuter, General Secretary, World Leagues Forum

About WLF:
The World Leagues Forum is the world association of professional leagues with more than forty members. Its purpose is to help improve governance structures within world football, represent the leagues and their member clubs to sport and political institutions, and foster cooperation between leagues.

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