World Association of Professional Football Leagues
8. May 2018

The World Leagues Forum Steering Group met in Düsseldorf

The World Leagues Forum (WLF) Steering Group met today (Tue 8 May 2018) in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Amongst a number of issues, the WLF addressed FIFA’s proposed plans to create two new football competitions (a revamped Club World Cup and a Global Nations League). After the meeting the WLF issued the following statement:

  • The Steering Group of the World Leagues Forum have agreed that plans for extending any competitions which impact negatively upon the already congested match calendar will be vigorously opposed.

  • Likewise, any plans for a club competition that lead to a disruption of competitive balance within domestic leagues will be resisted. We will be making fuller representations directly to FIFA on behalf of all members of the World Leagues Forum.

  • The Steering Group also endorsed attempts to improve the regulation of agents and better rewarding of clubs through compensation for training young players. The Leagues also agreed that the full collection of payments due to clubs under the rules of solidarity contribution should be a priority.