World Association of Professional Football Leagues
10. May 2019

World Leagues Forum Steering Group Statement

World Leagues Forum statement

The World Leagues Forum (WLF) Steering Group met today (Friday 10 May 2019) in Paris, France.

After the meeting the WLF issued the following statement:

“The World Leagues Forum’s Steering Group met today in Paris to address the current issues of professional football at world level.

The leagues believe that the international match calendar must be carefully looked at and will make their views directly known to FIFA regarding the post-2024 period.

The World Leagues Forum also endorsed the work carried out with FIFA on improving the transfer system. The Leagues fully supports the introduction of a regulation of agents as early as 2020 with the creation of an agent’s license and a harmonized cap on agents’ fees at world level.

The World Leagues Forum also took the position that clubs which invest in training young players must be better rewarded. The WLF notably believes that FIFA regulations should be amended so that clubs which hire players whom they have not trained must better reward those which have trained them.”